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More beautiful than the pictures!

Haley S

What beautiful pieces! Arrived much earlier than expected, and the sizing is perfect! I am very happy! Thank you for your beautiful work!

Victoria L

This is the most comfortable thing in my closet. I absoluely love it!

Morgan M

About the Owners

I, Emily, craft the bracelets. Each piece of jewelry created is more than a fashionable accessory. It's a healing tool that I designed to balance, activate and heal.

Aside from WZ and spending time in the forest, I like cooking, creating DNA activating meals and gardening. I'm a Usui Reiki Master as well and enjoy being a co-creator in this incredible, infinite and harmonious universe.

Dave, is the man who keeps WZ a reality. He is the one who designs and maintains the site, responds to all of your questions, and inspires new ideas and outlets for our creations.

Apart from WZ, he is a musician, business coach and animal rights activists. He holds a lot of love and compassion for all creatures on the planet, as we all should.

We are Woodland Zen

We design and craft the most natural, unique, and powerful wood & gemstone jewelry and fashionable forest inspired clothing. #natureheals

We use the most environmentally responsible products possible. All of our jewelry and clothing is 100% vegan & cruelty free.

💚Emily & Dave, Woodland Zen