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Frequently asked questions

Wholesale availability

Let us know which products or product lines you are interested in through the contact function. You can also email us at WoodlandZen@Mail.com


Care instructions

We recommend to avoid moisture or showering with our pieces to sustain durability and strength.

Sizing details

All sizing details can be found in each listing. If something isn't answered there, feel free to ask us any questions. We respond quickly.

Gift wrapping and packaging

Our products come inside their own unique fabric bags with informational cards, inside a bubbled mailing envelope. Additional gift wrapping options available at checkout depending on the time of year. We do not write individual notes.


Where do you get your gemstones?

We source gemstones direct from the "lapidists" or stone workers.

Social Media Sites?

Yes of course!


Is your jewelry cruelty free / vegan?

Absolutely. We do not exploit any type of animals for their skin, fur, or anything else. Every single aspect of our material and business is cruelty free / vegan.

I ordered multiple items. Is it normal that they are shipped separately?

Yes. Different items take different amounts of time to make. If you only received part of your order, rest assured the rest of it is on it's way! We do this so you may receive your order as fast as possible.

More Questions?

Email us at woodlandzen@mail.com

Please give us 1 to 2 days to respond. We will see your message! :)